The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen is the story of two friends who find themselves separated by the icy Snow Queen. While one is held captive, the other goes on a fantastical search for her friend where she will soar with the Northern Lights and encounter great creatures at Ocean’s Depth, and more! But beware, a marauding band of pirates are on the hunt for treasure. Ye be mighty wise to keep a keen eye out for ’em!

The community is invited to experience this enchanted story of a frozen winter wonderland with magical creatures and fantastical lands. A great ballet experience for the whole family!

Girl Scout Special: The Girl Scout experience includes an exclusive, onstage encounter with the dancers, as well as a fun workshop that teaches the troops choreography from the ballet. Daisies, Brownies and Juniors are all welcome!

Date: February 3rd

Times: 3pm & 6pm

Venue: Armstrong Theatre, Torrance. Get Directions

Children’s tickets are available at checkout.