Through The Pages

Pack your toothbrush and join us at Grandma’s house! She tells the best stories indeed, and you’ll see your favorite bedtime stories dance to life on stage. In this fairy tale of fairy tales, you’ll see the stories of the Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, Peter Pan, the Three Little Pigs and more. Through the Pages is an original ballet written for children and the enjoyment of all. A great ballet experience for all ages!

Date: November 4th

Times: 3pm & 6pm

Venue: Redondo Union High School

Tickets are purchased online and will go on sale October 2nd. Check back here.

The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen is the story of two friends who find themselves separated by the icy Snow Queen. While one is held captive, the other goes on a fantastical search for her friend where she will soar with the Northern Lights and encounter great creatures at Ocean’s Depth, and more! But beware, a marauding band of pirates are on the hunt for treasure. Ye be mighty wise to keep a keen eye out for ’em!

The community is invited to experience this enchanted story of a frozen winter wonderland with magical creatures and fantastical lands. A great ballet experience for the whole family!

Girl Scout Special: The Girl Scout experience includes an exclusive, onstage encounter with the dancers, as well as a fun workshop that teaches the troops choreography from the ballet. Daisies, Brownies and Juniors are all welcome!

Date: February 3rd

Times: 9am & 3am