The Redondo Ballet’s mission is to deliver original and unique works of dance to ballet enthusiasts and to those that have yet to discover the art of dance, while providing a nurturing, challenging and creative environment that enables dancers to artistically thrive.

We will build our foundation on works of unparalleled excellence, rooted in the classical tradition with a conscious commitment to create distinctive, innovative works of art.

We will instill in each dancer, with our Ballet in a Box Program, the importance of outreach and philanthropic endeavors.

Redondo Ballet: Education. Entertainment. Empowerment.


Our Vision

Dance has the power to facilitate emotion, to tell a story…to change a life.

Redondo Ballet is a passionate advocate for dancers in the training and pursuit of a classical dance education whereby empowerment exudes from every dancer as they delve into the philosophies of a classical education that are imparted upon them on a daily basis, giving the dancers the ability and power to craft a narrative that creates a connection with an audience that ranges from the earnest realities of life to the heights of frivolity.

We attain our vision of outreach and philanthropic endeavors with the Ballet in a Box program.

Ballet in a Box is designed to provide an all-inclusive program to dance organizations that have been lacking resources. Ballet in a Box is literally a decorated box that contains all the components required (costumes, leotards, tights, shoes, music, story, makeup and accessories – all donated) to perform a scene from an original Redondo Ballet production. Redondo Ballet will travel throughout the United States and the world to culturally exchange with developing communities and countries. The dancers will rehearse and mentor the recipients of the Box and when ready, they will all perform the scene for the community. At the conclusion of the performance, the newly empowered dancers retain all the contents of the box to continue to share this experience with others.

It is important to make our dancers compassionate citizens of the world.