“Through the Pages”

The Redondo Ballet Company are proud to bring to you a production of “Through the Pages” on November 4th at 3pm & 6pm.

Pack your toothbrush and join us at Grandma’s house! She tells the best stories indeed, and you’ll see your favorite bedtime stories dance to life on stage. In this fairy tale of fairy tales, you’ll see the stories of the Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, Peter Pan, the Three Little Pigs and more. Through the Pages is an original ballet written for children and the enjoyment of all. A great ballet experience for all ages!


Show Times: 3pm & 6pm

Venue: Redondo Union High School

Introducing the 2018 Redondo Ballet Company, Ensemble and Apprentice companies.

Redondo Ballet & Ensemble members: Abigail, Alex, Selena, Ella, Katie, Sofia, Julisa, Kaitlin, Molly, Annie, Melanie, Nene, Charlie Sue (not pictured)

Redondo Ballet Apprentice Company: Adrienne, Gwynneth, Lauren, Michella, Natalie, Naomi, Sirenna, Sofia, Veronica

Being a member of the elite Redondo Ballet offers unique opportunities to excel in one’s dance discipline while sharing a love of ballet with others.


The Redondo Ballet was formed with a vision to create a home for the art of dance in the South Bay.

Redondo Ballet and RBAC 2016

Redondo Ballet Company Members: Alex, Ada, Carly, Erica, Hana, Hannah, Liberty, Luana, Selena, Sofia

Redondo Ballet and RBAC 2017

Photo courtesy of Gil Castro, The Beach Reporter